Starcraft 2 : Hots vs lotv

Starcraft is a popular sci-fi strategy game with 3 races wich you’re able to play, zerg, terran and protoss. Playing starcraft requires a high APM(actions per minute), why you might ask?

Cuz you’ll have to focus on multiple places at the same time performing multiple tasks very quickly. Korea players are often known to hit 400-500 APM on tournaments.

Starcraft 2 : hots vs lotv

Hearths of the swarm

Hearths of the swarm is based on kerrigan a terran with a zerg background. In the storyline she fell in love with Raynor but he dies unfortunally. He was killed by some terrans who knew he would safe kerrigan from the experiments they would put her through.

This made her burst out in rage and she went back to her home planet so she could get a special power, and no she isn’t planning to come and cuddle with terrans. No, she is planning an invasion.
starcraft 2: hots vs lotv
This girl is kerrigan also known as a queen, in the game itself the queen is just a unit, in the storyline the queen is a leader.
A queen has a hatchery ( base of the zerg ) of her own she leads it.

Kerrigan is the ultimate queen she posseses real power and she will use it. But the expansion brought some hard changes to the game and improved some races.

They added units you can see below.

  • Oracle ( protoss unit)
  • Mothership core ( protoss unit )
  • Tempest ( protoss unit )
  • Widow mine ( terran unit )
  • Hellbat ( terran unit)
  • Viper ( zerg unit )
  • Swarm host ( zerg unit )

Well you might think it’s unbalanced right now but they also made changes to certain units.

  • speed boost (medivacs : terran unit)
  • Helions can transform into hellbats and back ( terran unit)

Note: these are just the major changes for the minor changes you should check out the blizzard site ( the official starcraft site ). Zerg was a bit weak in this expansion or well it was for beginners. In higher leagues they were kinda overpowered , or well people used to say that.

Legacy of the void |Lotv

Since the storyline of lotv is a bit more complicated you can find it at :

This update is based on protoss and the changes here are drasticaly and not everyone like it as much as blizzard was expecting.

  • They added alot of units
  • They removed the first 2 minutes out of the game
  • The ladder is a bit unbalanced right now

Units added :

  • Liberator ( terran unit ).
  • cyclone ( terran unit ).
  • adepts ( protoss unit ).
  • Disruptor ( protoss unit).
  • Ravager ( zerg unit ).
  • Lurker ( zerg unit ) .

Starcraft 2 : hots vs lotv


Protoss is known to be the alien race. Their playstyle is known to be tricky since they can switch their style up in a no time. Even though they got a bit weak in lotv, this is MY OPINION i was never a protoss player so i might be wrong here. Their way of playing is fun though, there are alot of build orders(ways you have to build for certain strategies). So if you’re getting countered you can switch up easily and distract your opponent at the same time.
Starcraft 2 : hots vs lotv


Terran stands for humanity tera is earth. The only difference is that the terrans are very modified in this game. We’re very futuristic and in lotv one of the stronger races. This is my favorite race since the first expansion WoL ( wings of liberty ).


The most ancient race in the universe and not afraid of anything. Each hatchery ( base ) has their queen but this is something known already. They’re hard to start with but if you’re decent at zerg you can win alot of games since they rebuild their units so easy. It has been said you have to kill zerg early else you’ll lose.
Starcraft 2 : hots vs lotv

So hots or lotv?

Well i personally would go for hots based on the gameplay and lotv if you want to go pro. Also you should check out for some nice reviews. If you liked this post feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your opinion I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT ! for the featured image !